Getting the Plumbing Started


Plumbing has been started.  The above pictures are under the kitchen sink. The second picture is 1/2″ PEX tubing for both the hot and cold water as well as 1-1/2″ ABS drainage pipes.  The fourth picture is a back flow device for when we hook up to a city water supply.  This will enable the water from returning into our water pump and getting into our fresh water tank.

In the below photos we have the hole for plumbing from the toilet.  As you can see there are two holes.  The one on the left is for the toilet it goes straight down into the black water tanks.  The hole on the right was a mistake.  However, we will utilize this mistake by using it to run the plumbing from the sinks and shower.

The picture below that is where Gary has installed the two black water tanks directly under the toilet in the storage compartments.

The bottom picture is the toilet installed. We found this brand new toilet on Craigslist for $75.00 and drove two hours to pick it up.  Well worth it for the price. 🙂  It is hard to see but we decided to install the water heater directly behind the toilet, later there will be a wall separating the two.

toilet holeblack water tanks

toilet installed












The walls are a crazy angle to cut so he made a template out of some foam board.  I would say maybe on the forth cut he got it perfect.  This is the outside shower wall, to be trimmed out later.

shower wallwall curve templateoutside shower wall

inside shower wallThe picture to the right is of the inside shower wall.  Since we had to cut 5″ off the top we have to make our own walls for the top.  We used a polly version of FRP.  I found a roll of it on clearance at Home Depot, we then trimmed it out.





This here is a picture of more work that has been done to the vanity.  Hung a mirror, light and of course a picture of Marley. 🙂  We need to finish running the plumbing from the sink, make some cabinet doors, trim out the edges and tile the counter top and that will be done.  bathroom

This is a chest we found at the Habitat For Humanity, it was $45.00.  I saw it and immediately thought table and bench seats.  This will save Gary some work and materials.  He cut it in half and built a side for the part we cut off.  A little paint and that will be done.  Later we will install a table that will convert into a bed, much like you see in most RVs.

table chairs cut in half insidecabinet

The kid got to pick her own paint colors for her hangout area.  Purple with blue stars it is!! 🙂  She got to work right away.

poopoo paintingpoopoo painting2

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