Master Bedroom

Bed:  We started the conversion at the rear of the bus which means the master bedroom.  First we built out a frame for a queen size mattress with 2×4’s. The engine compartment is back there, that is why our bed is so high.  Next, we Covered it with 1/2″ plywood.  We made a door on the top for storage under the bed, as well as storage spots all around the bed frame.  We also mounted the converter/inverter on the left side of the bed frame, since the emergency exit door is there it provides easy access.

Cabinets: For the cabinets over the bed we started with a shelf.  A piece of  plywood 3/4″ thick from one side of the bus to the other, resting on the existing metal ledge, but also secured with L-brackets to the bus on the back.  We then made a template for that curved roof with a piece of the insulation foam board, and cut out the front piece of the cabinet with the same 3/4″ plywood. Next we screwed in more L-brackets holding the face to the shelf . We used the cut outs from the front for the cabinet doors, sanding them down a bit so there would be clearance.  Lastly, we stained everything and added hardware.


To Do:  As you can see, we still have plenty of room to build more shelving in front of the bed. Soon we will be adding hydraulics to the underneath bed storage area, and closing up and painting the storage areas on each side of the bed.

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